To learn to control his emotions, remembering the unpleasant person, think about why he was so hard on you. Then mentally give him what he in your opinion wants the most. Picking on a senior position? "Hand" him an envelope with money. Quarreled with a friend? "Send" her beautiful evening dress. Insulted at the bakery? "Treat" the woman-seller beautiful brunette in the limo. Honking on the road? "Give" to the driver the opportunity to sleep, etc.
Think about the dangers of negative emotions, because they are a prerequisite to the development of many diseases, there are wrinkles that give the appearance sullen or even angry expression. If you managed to hold back, to not be rude, imagine that your nerve cells are left unharmed. You can even mentally Pat your nervous system, like a peacefully sleeping cat. And be sure to praise yourself for your confidence, patience and calm.
Engage in some people watching sitting on a Park bench. Looks like a mother scolding her child? Or a pair of lovers who have suffered disorder? Angry faces look ugly and disgusting. Even if you happen to hear what they are saying, you quickly realize that the problem of anger is not worth a damn and most likely doable. And note the smiling faces. They attract attention, Shine with happiness and serenity. Take the example of the latter.
Work out. To cope with aggression or misunderstanding, do not have to choose different types of struggle or strength training. If you do not like it, choose Jogging, target shooting or dancing. Visit them regularly, and then you can together with the energy to throw out his own irritation. Over time, this will temper your character and help you calmly respond to the provocations of others.