A wise man said: "All people are slaves to their emotions". So try not to be a slave to them. Even if you are by nature hot, explosive man, do your best to control myself not to lose my temper.
Some people tend to over-dramatize what is happening around. The most trifling problem, a nuisance, not worth attention, depriving them of the peace, seems almost the end of the world. Therefore, they are in a hurry to respond, to vent their emotions, do not notice that this not only put yourself in an awkward situation, but irritate others. If you are such a person, the rule is: first, mentally say to yourself: "Stop! I will consider this problem again!".
Your main task – to resist an immediate response, be patient. Can first say the phrase that you were going to say out loud, or mentally to count to a specific number. These methods are good comfort and in some cases, help to resist emotional release. Initially, it will be hard to restrain yourself, then get used to it.
Accustomed to look at ourselves. Too many emotional people, your happiness don't even realize how unattractive they look, rapidly responding to any setback, obstacle, a mistake (his or someone else's). The idea that he would seem rude ignorant, the hysterical, may be forced to rethink any self-respecting person.
Even calm, phlegmatic man is hard to keep restraint, if, for example, at work, constant stress, or if he was very tired. Try to organize the day, more are in the fresh air, pay special attention to healthy, restful sleep. Possible, at least take a short holiday.
A lot depends on the relatives: they have to try to create houses a quiet, comfortable, sympathetic environment, to talk less about crime, disease, disasters, politics, etc.
Be sure to think about occasions when you were able to solve any problem, problem, while retaining the tranquility of. This will increase your self-esteem, inspire confidence in their abilities, and at the same time will help to learn composure.