Whatever the reaction, the constant stress and nervous condition of the person can cause serious health problems, tiredness and weakness. It is therefore very important to be able to relax and stop freaking out even when everything goes awry.
The best way to learn how to manage your stress is to proactively protect yourself from the occurrence of a stressful situation. Sometimes, of course, it's pretty hard to do since you respond to all the delicate nerve agents. Learn how to manage the situation, listen to their feelings as soon as the first signs of anxiety.
As soon as you feel the irritation, try to relax. To do this, choose a quiet place, get some rest and focus. A few times breathe in through the nose, hold your breath and exhale. Breathing exercises can quickly reassure and relieve tension.
Move more and exercise. Physical activity relieve stress hormones. If there is a tense situation at home or at work, run the stairs, do some exercise, if possible, include the music.
Sometimes, in order to stop freaking out enough to treat yourself to something delicious or sweet. Eat a piece of cake, chocolate, strawberries and cream, marmalade. Stress is not the time to diet.
Call a good, positive for you located friend. Pleasant communication with your friends will help to get distracted and forget about the problem. At least the conversation with a positive and cheerful person lift your mood and give positive emotions.
Take care of General cleaning of the house. Many women, no matter how it will seem strange, it soothes homework. And rent I do not even want to be nervous and freaking out.