Do not exaggerate. No wonder people coined the phrase "making mountains out of molehills" because sometimes instead of to pay attention to the incident and not to focus on it, people have a tendency to wind itself in and to exaggerate. Much better to convince yourself that there are situations and more difficult, and therefore, this you.
Do not run with the problem to friends. When people give in to emotions, it is more sensitive to what is happening, and if these emotions heat even more, then peace is maintained, and Vice versa, you can make the situation worse rash decisions.
No fuss. Active movement, haste and haste adjusts the body to the activity. To avoid this, try to sit for a few minutes or just force yourself to do more restrained, slow movements, lower the voice volume.
Analyze their behavior. Often the person loses peace of mind for the same reasons. For example, girls may be especially irritable during premenstrual syndrome or nervous because of hunger or early awakening. Bearing in mind the peculiarities of your body, you will be able to restrain negative emotions.
Assure yourself that from happening you can do it, and remember a situation when you really could. This attitude helps to maintain belief in their own abilities and confidence that all will be well.
Take care of yourself. Proper rest, proper nutrition and regular exercise is what will help you to keep yourself in shape and improve health. Which means you will be more resistant to negative.
Connect with balanced human beings. It is human nature to learn something from friends in close communication. So if your friends are balanced, calm and know how to be cool in stressful situations, it will be for you a good example. You involuntarily will think of how they would do in your place, and how they can easily not be upset.
Breathe deeply. And it's not just a recommendation to divert from the problem. Breathing helps to restore inner calm and to avoid panic.