Remember that work is not just to stop to overreact to external stimuli, but in how to find a way to throw out the accumulated negative emotions. Otherwise, suppressed feelings pour out for you a lot of stress. Do not let negative impressions accumulated inside you.
Try to treat the situation a little more fun, with a sense of humor. Certainly in some situations it is possible not to boil, but to give discharge emotions through laughter. The joke will save you from an irritable state and will not allow circumstances to knock you off track. Look at the situation from the outside. Find something funny in how the circumstances. Draw an analogy with some Comedy.
Do not exaggerate the significance of what has happened to you. Look at the situation in a global sense. Surely this episode will not lead to serious consequences for your life and health. So there is no reason to react so strongly to it. Think about what you are compromising your health, wasting nerves on empty. Consider whether the incident have value for you in a few years. Perhaps it will help you to hold back.
Control your emotions at least to not look ugly in the eyes of others. Person can get yourself any little thing, pity or laughter. Some people are able to understand your emotion and you count your inappropriate behavior. Think about what can damage your personal life and career. Because some individuals will turn away from unbalanced personality.
Monitor your mood. If you remember everything good that happened to you lately, and overall happy with your life, you will not be able to ruffle the little things. Therefore, excessive irritability should be viewed as a signal that you are not all right. Perhaps you are experiencing a personal crisis. Maybe unresolved issues are putting pressure on you and make you nervous at all. Place your order in your mind and life. Tune to the positive and do not let yourself make.
Sometimes in the role of stimuli are other people. These can be relatives, friends or colleagues. Think about what you don't like in a particular individual and why. Next, you should recognize that person has the right to own character and disadvantages, and your opinion is not the final authority. Think and makes you do somebody. Cultivate tolerance. Remember that others probably have reason to do so, and not otherwise. If you know that someone special touches you, limit your communication with that person or try to fight back in the same podkalyvaniya opponent.