Trust people. Look closely: most likely, you do not want to offend (of course, if you intentionally provoke the other person). You can't know exactly what other people think about you, how they see the situation. So you don't need every look or word count sent to his address.
Think of yourself as a unique individual. Learn to respond to the remarks quietly. Not always, criticism can be justified. Often hiding behind it banal envy. Or, sensing weakness, a vulnerability that you want to deprive emotional balance. Hear the remark, take it as a lesson, not at all degrading your dignity.
Don't limit your thinking to strict limits, coming up with rules and laws. Don't try to force others to obey your own ideas about reality. In this case, frustration is guaranteed. Avoid stereotypes and labels. Squeezing things in certain categories, it is impossible to see them in the light of reality.
Is that the real reason for resentment or nagging wounds of the heart lies in the elementary fatigue, exhaustion. Analyze your feelings about the tense situation, not make hasty conclusions. Better pour yourself a Cup of tea, relax, take a break for a while. And supposedly urgent the patient will be normal working time, not worthy of attention.
Try to be optimistic. Look at each passing minute positive side. A negative attitude will not bring relief and will not change the future. The expectation of bad news is capable of turning existence into a nightmare. And the more you will play resentful and fears, the greater they seem. Just forget about them and move on.