After installation, the narrator integrates the startup of the system. Thus, it is automatically loaded at startup that may interfere with its use. To remove the program, you'll need to remove it from startup list and disable control panel.
Go to menu "start" - "All programs". In the appeared list select the "Accessories" - "accessibility". Among the items on the list tools, select the line "ease of access Center".
Using the "use the computer without a display" remove the tick from "Turn on narrator" and apply the changes. Thus you have disabled the program and removed it from startup list.
You can also completely disable narrator, but only to turn off some features. Go to window programs (start - All programs - Accessories - accessibility - narrator) and set the desired parameters. So, in the tab "Language" you can adjust the timbre and tone of voice, and adjust the speed reading elements.
In the list of sounds you can disable hints from the controls, the characters and words, as well as adjust the volume with the reading of parameters when you run other applications. In this window you can enable or disable the speaker using the corresponding slider menu.
Tablets, running Windows, also have the function of narrator. To use this, click on the center button with the Windows logo, and then press increase the volume of the device. In the menu that appears you can change the appropriate settings, and disable or enable the application.