You will need
  • A computer running the operating system
To switch to windowed mode in games you need to visit the game settings. In graphics settings, find "Display window" or "Windowed mode". This ability is not all of the games. In browser games fullscreen - > windowed most often by pressing Esc.
To switch to window mode from full screen when watching videos in a media player must press the desired key combination (most often it is or Enter or CTRL+Enter or ALT+Enter, or CTRL+F). To change the key combination in the settings of the player. For this purpose the menu item "Settings" - "Config" - "Keyboard" find the option "fullscreen" and change the shortcut in handy for you, make it so that your combination will not be repeated with the already existing ones.
For everyday applications the most common mode is a mode full screen and windowed mode with possibility to adjust window size. To switch from mode to mode button in the right corner of the window – the average of the three (the other two is the "minimize window" and "close window"). Switch the application into windowed mode by pressing this button and adjust the size of the window. To do this, move the mouse cursor to the right window border and change the width and height change similar to the "pull" at the lower edge of the window.
If you often use a particular program or file, you can set up windowed mode for continuous running of these facilities. To enable and select windowed mode for apps, games or any file to create (if you haven't) launch shortcut of the object on the desktop. Right-click on the program shortcut or file and select "Properties".
Go to the tab "Window". At the bottom of the dialog box, locate the select values Window. Set the desired window size – "Regular size", "Minimized" or "Maximized". Confirm the changes by clicking "Apply". Now when you run the shortcut, the window opens only the selected size.