You will need
  • Edit the game settings.
Of course, the fact that the use of games during the working process, especially when you come across the boss, not the most pleasant. It may happen that you come to work important people from the regional cities or the capital which may significantly tarnish" your reputation.
If you understand a little bit in the game settings, you can set windowed mode as the running game. For enough after it starts to go into the settings, which are located in the main menu of the running application. If your game does not Russified, try to find options that can meet each of the following words: Window, full screen. Once you have found these items, try to activate them. Some games require a restart to see the changes in settings.
There are games in the settings there is no mention about windowed mode. In this case, you will need to find the shortcut of your game. If it is not on the desktop, you can find it in the installed programs, details of which are located in the menu "start". Just right click the game shortcut, select "Properties". In the opened window, note the path of the startup file, it can be: "C:Program FilesRockstarGrand Theft Auto 3gta3.exe".
At the end of this line, you must add the parameter "-window". In the end, we get the following string: "C:Program FilesRockstarGrand Theft Auto 3gta3.exe" –window. After clicking the "OK" button, open the game – it should start in windowed mode.
There are a number of games, which after this conversion no longer start in full-screen mode. Replace the value of "-window" at the end of the line on "full screen".