You will need
  • - Any installed computer game;
  • - Windows operating system.
Start the game and then click on the keyboard buttons simultaneously Alt and Enter. For many games, this key combination is command jumps to windowed mode. This is the easiest way to open a toy in the window, but, unfortunately, many games don't support it.
Create a desktop shortcut of the game, if it is not there. Click on the icon and right click. In the appeared menu select "Properties". In the line that contains the address of the program, we need to add -window. For example, it was - C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\HeroesofMightandMagic3\HeroesofMightandMagic3.exe and should be – C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\HeroesofMightandMagic3\HeroesofMightandMagic3.exe-window. Press "Apply" and close the window "Properties". Now, shove that label opens in the window. It is important to note that some games will still open in a window, if you erase –window in the address program. To fix this problem, instead of -window type -full screen.
Start the game and go through the settings. Many games have a built-in function switch to windowed mode. All you need to do is to find the appropriate line in the settings and put a tick. The transition to fullscreen mode is done in this line by removing the check mark.
Refer to the help of various Internet resources if you did not manage to open the computer game in windowed mode. Usually on the developer's site by typing in the search bar "open in window", you can find information about how to put toys in windowed mode. If the game is old and the firm has ceased to exist or changed its name, you can search the required information on the gaming forums.
Go back to full-screen mode when the game started to slow down. Surprisingly, the game opened in a window, may require more resources than full screen mode. Sometimes toy hampers in windowed mode, because the developers have not optimized it under the window.