You will need
  • A computer running an operating system, a licensed game
Command line is present in many file managers, including Norton Commander, Total Commander and FAR. To start the game with using command line , perform a click with the left mouse button the "start" command in the appeared menu, select "Run". After opening the window "Run program" in the line "Open", enter the name of the program – "cmd.exe". Then click the "OK" button or press "Enter". A window with the string "Open" is invoked and pressing combinations of two keys – Win: R. Win, the key in the lower left corner of the keyboard with the Windows symbol.
To open a command prompt and use the default list of programs. To do this, click the "start" menu and select "All programs." Then click "Standard" and from the displayed list of programs, run the necessary – "Command prompt".
After that there will be "prompt", which usually looks like the following: C:Documents and SettingsUser _. In this case specify the path to the folder that is currently ongoing. Here is the name of the disk; the symbol of the inverse of the fraction used to separate folders Documents and Settings – the name of the directory; User – name of the subdirectory. Next, navigate to the folder where you placed the game. To do this, use the command "cd". For example: cd C:gamesfarcry (go to the C drive in the directory "games", which is a subdirectory of farcry). After this, enter the name of the executable file with the extension. For example, "farcry.exe".
If you want to run the game with any additional parameter, the required parameter is specified after the file name with the extension through the space, and the sign "-". For example, to set the parameter "devmode" in the game Farcry type "farcry.exe –devmode".