Arriving in a new city, first and foremost, I want to understand how it differs from other. The popular network of coffee houses, night clubs and shops found in any major settlement. So before you go to Tyumen, ask that it is better to see in this city to understand what its charm and personality. This will help you social networks and urban forums. Take a stroll along one of the main streets in Tyumen – the Republic. And on the street, and in close proximity to it has the largest number of local attractions. The right thing would be to start your walk from the place of Foundation of the city. In the square on crossing of streets of Republic and Lenin installed a stone on which is written the date of the founding of the city – July 25, 1586. Close to city and the Eternal Flame. Going further, you will see one of the main attractions, popular among romantics of all ages – the Bridge of lovers. Interesting design looks very nice from afar and up close. This pedestrian bridge over the river Tour – the place where citizens and tourists. It has a wonderful view of the old part of the city. Closer to the weekend here you can see a large number of brides, because the couple of Tyumen , it is a tradition to jump on the bridge of lovers and attach to the railing of the toggle clasp for a happy family life. Stroll along the promenade, which is right next to the Bridge of lovers. A very beautiful place. The only thing to keep in mind before you walk near the river -- dress warmer because open space is a very cold wind. Visit the Avenue of the Airborne troops, which is outside the Latitudinal. Take a stroll through it will be interesting for everyone, not just those who have the attitude of the army. Unusual gazebo in the shape of a parachute, the original entrance to the alley, facing tanks and howitzers especially impress students. Take a walk on the Colored Boulevard. Unusual sculptures, rides for children and adults, the main city fountain, "kilometer zero" - fun for the whole family. If the rain on the street, look in a circus. Also from the weather you can hide in the Drama theatre, the Philharmonic or the theatre.