Visiting Tyumen, you can spend time, both alone and family. There are museums and parks, zoos and attractions. Visitors will find a unique and absolutely unforgettable weekend near hot springs, fishing, hunting on the area of the local land. In addition, you can output to hold, having been in a mirror maze, play, exhibition or concert.


If you wish, you can visit the Museum of Geology. Here you can get acquainted with the investigations of explorers of this land, done in the last century. Local exposure has a huge collection of minerals that were found on the territory of Tyumen.

In addition, the Museum will introduce visitors to a collection of traditional clothes, unique dwellings, and household items Siberian indigenous peoples.

The most valuable exhibit of the Museum is a map of the Tyumen region, made of gems. It is a miracle and his incredible beauty attracts many residents and visitors to the Museum.

No less interesting in this respect, the art Museum, where a collection of paintings of Russian and foreign masters. In addition, exposure of the institution crockery and earthenware , bone figurines, which are created by the hands of carvers from Tobol.

Fauna and extreme sports

If sent on a journey the lovers in the open air, familiarity with the original culture of the ancient indigenous population gives him a unique opportunity to visit the Andreevsky lake, where is located the archeological reserve. Here tourists will see the camp, a real Nenets tent, the Khanty hut. It is recommended to visit near sacred sites, there once Khanty worshipped their wooden idols.

No less interesting would be a visit to the Zoological Museum, where a collection of stuffed birds, starting a small Hummingbird and passing gradually to the big Pelican. There you can admire the animals: tigers and foxes and boars and elks, lynxes and bears, and seals.

If the traveler has a need for adventure holidays, then the output should spend with your favorite pastime, for example, to visit local airports, which offer breathtaking flights over the cities of the region, and dizzying jumps with a parachute.