The most common way to celebrate a birthday to come home for the holiday table. Invite family, friends, colleagues at work, cook lots of delicious food and drinks. If you want to sit, eat and drink, and then disperse, but also to have fun, work out entertainment.

The toastmaster to invite not only the wedding but also for a birthday. If you have not enough imagination or no desire to make up games and contests for the holiday, you can borrow an idea from the Internet. In the Internet you can find and Manager for your holiday. In particular, this deals with the Studio for the holidays from Elena the Beautiful." Visit the Studio or call by phone 8 (3452) 911-272 and shift the organization of the celebration on the shoulders of professionals.

The entertainment industry has leaped forward. Now not only has Board games for children and a special drinking game for adults. One such game "Playing drink". Another quite popular game for adults "Mafia". If you and your guests are fond of detective stories, then this game will be great fun.


When your birthday falls during the warm time of year, it is not too wants to sit at home. A wonderful way to celebrate a birthday is camping. Prepare kebabs: meat, grill, skewers or a grill, charcoal, lighter fluid, etc. will Buy the drinks and go with friends out of town.

Entertainment in the nature can become the jumping over the fire, orienteering, play Paint-ball, and then simple hide-and-seek.


You can celebrate your birthday at altitude, if you order in the Tyumen regional Federation of aeronautic sports of the balloon. Flight controls the President of the Federation Alexander Sakharov. At altitude you can enjoy hot tea or coffee, but alcoholic beverages are for security purposes, the excluded, and to eat at the height of fail. But impressions remain the most vivid.

And in Tyumen in PA-na-mA 2013 open club LaserForce. To call and enroll by phone +7-(3452)-385-620 or on the website of the club. A birthday celebration at this club will not leave anyone indifferent. The game resembles an ordinary Paint-ball, only instead of balls of paint, used laser sights. So this entertainment is absolutely safe for children older than 8 years, and the girls will not ruin their hair and nails during the game.

Fans of steam can go with guests to the sauna, the more choice of such establishments in Tyumen is just huge. If you love to sing and dance, then the best way to celebrate would be going to a club with karaoke.

To list all the ways to celebrate a birthday is simply impossible, and preferences vary from person to person.