Ultramodern cinema "Rodina-Kinomax" International, 26, "Satellite", "World" is ready to offer all the latest novelties of Russian and foreign movies and make it into a great modern quality.
Large-scale entertainment complexes "Orange", "Jumanji", "Festival Park" Golden strike "Bowling club" will offer professional equipment and gear for spending time in favorite party games, and the club with the enigmatic title "the Cube" will complement the evening fun competitions in the pool halls and at the tables of hockey.
Looking for a cozy restaurant or a cafe then you should look into the "Beer house", offering authentic and simple homemade meals. Dishes of European, Uzbek, Chinese dishes presented in the restaurant "Versailles", "Bukhara" and "Chinese cuisine".
If you prefer more noisy places, you should think about the entertainment of the club "Atlantis" on the street, ready to offer restaurant menus with high-level dance floor, equipped with the latest technology. Night clubs "the Bag" and LUNA will meet its visitors with the latest music news and variety show programs.
Lovers of active holidays in Tambov are waiting for a paintball clubs ReGion 68 and CROSSFIRE. There is a professional equipment and a special area to ensure that you could feel like a fighter, to tickle nerves, to test the endurance and shooting skills.
Older people will certainly be interested in local museums and theaters to them. Lunacharskogo, Tambov drama theatre, the local theatre of the young spectator. Art gallery, which boasts very affordable prices coupled with excellent exposure, Museum of the history of medicine, Park of the 50 anniversary of the victory and even the local Tambov zoo will surely attract the attention of supporters of cultural and relaxing stay.