Bird in the hand is a symbol of something stable, and most importantly, available. While pie in the sky - it is, of course, are larger, prettier and more interesting than the little titmouse, but still is high and seems unattainable. This proverb teaches people to rejoice and be thankful to have what he has, instead of chasing the unknown and the unknown in an attempt to find bigger prey.

However, in reality both concepts of life represent extremes: on the one hand, it is proposed not to have a big dream, don't try to reach her, not even make an effort to do something. Because in the hands of already have everything I need for life and happiness. On the other hand, the pursuit of the crane seems to be a constant attempt to find something better. If everything is merely looking for a crane, it is impossible to have time to enjoy the life that is already there and the wealth that she bestows upon man every day.

Two models of life

Such a contrast to the life principles reflect two models of the world - East and West. In the Western models the emphasis is on the dreams and desires of each person. He must set ourselves big goals and strive for their implementation: to earn more, to climb up the corporate ladder, grow your business, make more expensive purchases. For a man raised on this model of life, and just will not be enough, no fortune will not please him, he was used to, that one should always strive for the best.

The Eastern model of life built on other laws. It is important that the person has at the moment. This model teaches us to be humble, to reject their self-interested desire for profit and their own dreams for a better life. It is possible to enjoy what is already there. The adage about "Paradise in a tent" is built on these principles, the renunciation of something bigger. However, the practice shows that long according to this principle, to live, not everyone can. The person is important to his comfort and his dreams.

The truth in the middle

Therefore, as in any situation where it is proposed to choose only one of the extreme variants, no need to choose either the first or second. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, and to go to extremes - means, this truth is undeniable. It is important to rejoice in the fact that the person has at the moment, to be able to enjoy it. But to forget about your own desires for something more and better, because then it would lead to stagnation, the growing discontent to themselves and others. You need to learn how to harmoniously combine the continuous development with the satisfaction that you have at the moment.