Please specify whether you have the right to return the kettle to the store. According to Russian legislation, a complicated from a technical point of view, the devices, which include kettle, cannot be exchanged with proper quality. To return this thing to the store only if you have external or internal defects obtained through no fault of the user within the warranty period for the product.
Come to the store, taking the kettle, receipt, warranty cards and original packaging and, if she survived. Contact your salesperson or another employee of the store and describe the essence of its claim. You have to demand as a replacement kettleand exactly the same, but serviceable, and refund the money. Failure of the seller to consider your request to his superiors. You also have the right to demand the complaints book and write what your complaint is still there.
If damage is suitable for repair, the clerk may send you to the service, carrying out warranty repairs of household appliances. In this case, you will be able to return the product only if repair does not help.
In case of refusal of the leadership of the store to replace your broken kettle without offering alternatives you can warn them that you contact Microsoft customer service for consumer rights protection. In some situations this may have a positive impact on the employees of the organization, resulting in you making the exchange of goods.
The exchange of the kettleand on the proper instance or the money will receive a document about it. This can be, for example, the receipt of returned goods. In this case, you will receive the right to contact the store again if a new kettle still won't work.