Collect all possible facts proving the purchase of the itemand a specific vendor. This may include: witness statements; consumer packaging, which has the appropriate level of the company, confirming the purchase from this seller; other supporting documents (attached to the product tag, part number, serial number of the productand etc.), as well as any other evidence.
Contact the seller with a request to exchange the goods or return the money.
If the seller refuses to meet your demands, make a claim in writing that will include all available evidence of purchase. Be careful when composing, after all, in what tone it is written, depends on the outcome of the case. It is desirable to write and quite hard claim.
When writing the claims use the words "I demand" instead of "I ask." Write the claim in duplicate. One of them is to give to the seller and keep the other yourself. And on your copy of the claim, the seller must make a record stating that the claim is accepted, and to deliver a signature or seal. If the seller refuses to accept a complaint, immediately call your local store or market.
If the seller begins to accuse you of improper operation of the acquired things, insist on the examination, which you have every right to attend. Claims be sure to write about what ask the seller to inform about the time, date and place of the examination, so, you too have a legitimate right in accordance with the Law "On protection of consumers' rights. The examination is conducted by the seller.
If the results of the examination will attest to the fact that you are not exploited, stored or transported merchandise, you reimburse the cost of examination to the seller.
In the case when the results of the examination will testify in your favor, the seller must immediately return the money to you for the defective product.
If the seller is unable immediately to satisfy your requirements, it is given 7 days from the date of presentation of the claim, and if there is a need for expertise, 14 days.As you can see, to achieve a return on the itemand without a receiptconfirming the purchase, you only need a little effort and persistence and determination.