You will need
  • Windows, Punto Swicher.
Lost if language icon was placed earlier on top of all Windows in a small separate panel on the desktop, and now it was gone, most likely, disconnected component of the OS called "Language bar". To get him back to work, use the "control Panel" Windows - open the main menu, select "control Panel" and under "Clock, language and region" opened the task list, click "Change display language".
When the window appears with the heading "regional and Language options", press "a" or a click of the mouse on the button "Change keyboards". Starts the following window - the "Languages and text services".
Go to the tab "Language bar" and press "P" or check mark in the box "Is located in an arbitrary place on the desktop". If you use key "A" or the mark put in the "Docked in the taskbar"icon will appear in the lower right corner of the screen, but move it across the desktop.
Click OK repeat this step in the following window, close the "control Panel" and the procedure to be completed.
If your operating system display language icons on the taskbar responded Punto Switcher, to return to the place the icon should change app settings. Open the program window - it is entirely devoted to settings of the application, divided into eight sections.
The desired setting is placed on the first tab, opened by default, Punto. Check the box to "Show icon on taskbar" is third from the top row in the settings list. Here you can specify additional parameters to display the icons of the language, for this is a checkboxes field "to Make the icon in the form of flags of countries" and "to Change the color of the icon when the typos." Putting all the options as appropriate, then click OK.