Adding a language via the language bar. It is located on the right panel of your desktop and appears in the form of a square with two letters denoting the current (used in) language. Click the right button of the cursor and click in the menu item "Options".
This will open the Language and text services. In the "General" tab next to the list of already installed languages click the "Add"button.
From the list of available languages, select the desired. Click the "plus sign" next to the language, configure the keyboard settings. Check the box next to the type of layout in which you want to enter text.
Click "Show". The layout you have chosen will be displayed in a new window. If you are satisfied, close the preview, click "OK".
Make sure that the new language appeared in the list. Click "OK" to save the settings.
Switch the keyboard combination "Shift-Alt" or "Shift-Ctrl". Make sure that the new language is connected.
These settings can be changed through "control Panel". Open it via the start menu", then select "settings" and "control Panel".
Find the component "regional and Language options". Open the tab "keyboards and Languages" click "Change keyboards".
Next will be the same menu that was described in the first embodiment are added. Change language settings according to your needs.