Calculation of square meters is used for the following purposes:

  • determine the total area of the premises;
  • the definition of residential floor space;
  • the definition of the norm of providing living space to citizens in need of housing;
  • the definition of accounting standards area of the premises;
  • the calculation of utility bills and subsidies for payment;
  • determination of the inventory value of the dwelling;
  • etc.

How to calculate square meters in an apartment or residential house

If you need to learn how to count the square meters, should refer to the current normative and legislative acts. Thus, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation under the General area of the dwelling refers to the sum of the areas of all parts of such premises, including premises of auxiliary use intended for satisfaction of household and other needs of citizens (for example, hallway, kitchen, bathroom), except for balconies, loggias, verandas and terraces.However, the technical inventory authorities in determining space use regulations on conducting accounting of the housing Fund in the Russian Federation, therefore, in the documents of BTI can be seen that when determining the size of the apartment or individual houses will be taken into account balconies, loggias, terraces, etc. these facilities are included in the total area c lowering factors of 0.5 for loggias; 0,3 – for terraces and balconies; 1.0 – for terraces and cold storerooms.In individual houses in the total building area does not include underground ventilation building, porch, exterior open stairs, attics, porches, etc. Also in area not included, the area occupied by exposed structural elements and heating stoves or in outside doorways.The living area of the apartment or house is the sum of the areas of the living rooms. Thus, in the living area does not include auxiliary rooms, kitchens, corridors, verandas etc. in addition, if it is important to consider the square feet a particular room, you should consider some of the features in determining niches with a height of 2 m, arched openings, flooring under flights of internal stairs.There are also special rules include the areas of the attic floor depending on the angle of the roof.