Calculation of individual compensation. Lawyers and representatives of travel agencies refund for the rejection of the use of vouchers for personal reasons evaluated differently.
Representatives of tourist companies try to prove to the customer that the amount to be refunded, always held the penalty for cancellation of the contract and the payments made, and all failed the traveler has to prove that the cause of cancellation with respect. A tourist, according to the provisions of the law have the right of refusal of the permit for any reason, unilaterally, and he is obliged to return all money except for already incurred expenses.
Lawyers believe that the wording "except for already incurred expenses" means the tour operator is obliged, when possible, to make every effort to return the already paid costs. Costs that are not refundable include the cost of the hotel reservation, visa fee, reservation of seats for the trip.
To determine the amount to be refunded, the question of verification is actually carried out expenses. On the relationship between the costs and the contract clearly indicate the payments on the individual parts that make up the cost of the tour, for example, visa center, carrier hotel and other services specified in the contract. Particularly meticulous customers have a chance to return non-refundable expenses.
Often, the operator places in the hotel and on the plane buys in advance, wholesale names of specific people. Firms in the agreements can result in penalties for the refusal of the permit on its own initiative. Such requirements are contrary to the law. According to the law a fine or penalty is the responsibility of the parties for breach of their obligations, and the right of refusal of the tourist to comply with the terms of the contract required by law. On this basis, the refusal of the breach of contract is not, and sanctions are unacceptable.
If the travel Agency in case of failure of one does not wish to reimburse your expenses, you need to office include the claim, made in two instance and ask you to make one of them the return receipt. The failure to put a mark on her claims should be sent by registered mail with the enclosure list and notified by mail. The travel Agency is obliged to reply within 20 days from the time of receipt of the claim. And if you still persists the travel Agency, it is necessary to go to court.