Open article 73 of the Budget code and read it carefully. You should know that the law does not provide a clear set form of keeping the register of purchases, which is why it can be carried out in a special book (register of purchases), and on the computer, for example, in Excel.
Start the computer and open the associated program or open book version of the magazine, which will reflect data about the procurement. Create eight columns:1) the date of purchase. 2) the Method of procurement, the number and date of Protocol decisions of the Commission.3) the Number and date of the contract or agreement.4) the Name of products (works, services, goods).5) the information on the purchase of products. This paragraph should include a few paragraphs, in particular 5.1 – units of measurement 5.2 quantity 5.3 price per unit and 5.4 – total amount of purchases.6) name of the supplier, VAT number, legal address. 7) the payment document. This paragraph must be divided into several. 7.1 room 7.2 date 7.3 – amount.8) Cash flow cumulative from the beginning of the year.
Start filling out your document properly in accordance with established points. Specify the date of purchase, for example, as of 01.01.2012. However you should know that the date of purchase will be the date specified in the contract for rendering respective services of delivery, a contract or even uncompensated services.
Specify the method of procurement, for example, the RFQ number and date of Protocol solutions. List the name of the product, for example, tables, books, repairs, etc., as well as information on the procurement in accordance with the columns.
Insert the name of the supplier of goods or services. At this point it is necessary to record who performs the supply (IE, JSC, etc.), the legal address of the supplier (in case of individual entrepreneurs – the place of residence) and was in accordance with the certificate or articles of incorporation.
Specify the name of the settlement document, for example, a receipt.