Joint-stock companies with number of participants less than 50 employees keep a register of shareholders independently. When the number of participants more than 50 shareholders business register maintenance are transferred to the organization having the license.
The register of shareholders contains the information about the company, the amount of the share capital, number and nominal value of shares, data on all persons who are nominal holders of shares or their owners. It also collected information about the repurchased by the company shares (number, value and category); data on the payment of dividends; the details confirming the transaction with shares documents.
Joint stock company is obliged to open each shareholder or to a nominee account in the registry, to perform any operations with shares on their behalf, to provide access to the register of shareholders, make changes and additions to issue statements and carry out the remaining steps associated with the maintenance of the register.
You can keep a registry on paper or in electronic form. The paper version is the original and must be signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and chief accountant, stamped.
All change records are entered in the register within 3 days upon demand of a shareholder or nominal holder of shares. Any marks are made on the basis of supporting documents. It may be a contract of pledge or sale of stock, transfer orders, judicial acts.