You will need
  • - recommendations of colleagues;
  • - information about conditions of supply.
Start your search for suppliers of products by collecting recommendations from your colleagues. Ask your friends heads about who supplies them with food products. Find out whether they cooperated with these suppliers that deliveries are made on time, whether there are claims to the quality of the products.
Based on the recommendations, make a list of the most reputable and reliable firms. Do it in the form of a table, where the top columns will be the names of the companies, and in the rows of the leftmost column – the evaluation criteria (speed of delivery, availability of discounts for large wholesale orders, payment of liquidated damages for defective products or late delivery, prices, etc.).
If these companies have official websites where you can find the price list, copy myself rates for comparison with other companies. For more information visit their offices.
Analyze the data obtained. If you do not find suitable conditions (prices too high, lack of guarantees, etc.), consider delivery of food from distribution centers without intermediaries. Calculate the number of productsrequired by your company a week. Find out the transport company, the cost of loading, transportation and unloading of these products. For many small businesses, this method of delivery is more profitable. In addition, you will be able to lead the process of procurement and delivery and to make adjustments in the assortment and quantity of products.
If you need suppliers of meat products, you can find manufacturers with the best combination of price and quality. Find out whether near your city farm who breed cattle and sale of meat. Prepare a written commercial offer to their owners, which fully reflect not only all the conditions of your future cooperation, but also the benefits of this transaction. Farmers struggle to find the exit to urban markets and are forced to sell mostly through intermediaries. So you have a chance to win the contract for the supply of products and support domestic manufacturers.