As a shareholder, regardless of how many shares you have on hand, you have the right to receive selective information from the register of shareholders. On request, the Registrar can provide you with information about all entries in the account on the share in the authorized capital of the company and its value on the Issuer. You can also get information about the Registrar of register the joint stock companies and amending the personal accounts and the registry.
In that case, if the proportion of your voting shares exceeds 1%, you have the right to obtain information about the names of the owners, and the type, nominal value and number of shares that belong to them. If you are the person whose account is debited the securities, or those on whose account they are deposited, then the Registrar of your society needs to provide you with information about performed operations within one working day after the operation was carried out. Information is provided in the form of a notification, which reflects all the details of the operations.
If you are a shareholder, you also have the right to request an extract from the register and information about all transactions on their account over the specified period of time. Such a statement you must provide no later than 5 working days. The pledgee as a collateral used securities, may demand a statement of those shares that are pledged.