Persistent bad breath is formed due to the presence in the plant phosphorus compounds. Their greatest concentration is in the core, so try to remove it before use garlic. Great tool reducing compounds, and hence odor - milk. Need it to be a natural product, because the effect is fats contained in it. Accordingly, the fatter the milk, the greater the effect.
You can also use spices, for example, to chew the cloves or Bay leaf. The process, of course is not very pleasant, but this will permanently get rid of persistent odor. More pleasant the taste will be parsley or cumin seeds, and mint leaves.
A good remedy to eliminate the odor of apples. Eat one, chewing it carefully. This will help for some time to get rid of the problem. You can also try to eat a couple of slices of lemon.
A very famous tool that eliminates odors – coffee. Chew a few grains or a bit of ground. Of course, instant coffee is not an assistant. You can also make coffee and drink a Cup, but this method is not expected to have a long and lasting effect.
Such funds will not always be at hand, usually you can only find at home. But at home you can do a simple dental cleaning paste with a strong mint aroma. If you were in such a situation, it is not possible to apply the above methods, you can simply dissolve flavored candy or, most obvious, use chewing gum. Unfortunately, these tools help only when you eat them, then the smell might come back again. Very strong mint aroma have the means to freshen breath, which is designed to eliminate odor of alcohol. They are very popular among drivers. They include substances that are capable of eliminating strong odors.