You will need
  • - knife for cleaning of vegetables;
  • peeler;
  • - plastic bag;
  • - coarse sea salt;
  • - wire sponge;
  • - cold water.
Pick the right tools for cleaning the tubers. You will need a knife to handle vegetables with a short, sharp blade and a comfortable handle. Make sure that she was not too slippery - preferred rubberized or wooden handle. This knife is easy to remove the skins of different thickness and to remove the eyes, bad sectors and other damage. Instead of a knife you can use a peeler - it is easy to hold, besides this device is safer.
Wash the tuber. Keep it so that most of the potatoes were left free for cleansing. Process the potato, removing the peel in a spiral or lengthwise. If the majority of the affected potatoes rot, better throw it away - this vegetable has degraded taste and can be hazardous to health. Also you can do it with green or frozen tubers.
Young potatoes can not be cleaned. It is necessary to thoroughly wash and scrape it hard with a wire sponge. Discovered eyes cut with the tip of a sharp knife.
Very small young potatoes treated differently. Pour into a thick plastic bag a few spoonfuls of coarse salt and place the tubers. Do not put too many potatoes - it will not be able to be cleaned. Carefully RUB the bag between your hands. Particles of coarse salt gently remove the skin from young potatoes. Plus to this method is that the treated tubers look nice, and the peel is removed quickly and without residue.
For salads often need boiled potatoes, boiled in their jackets. To prepare it, choose a smooth, not too large tubers of the same size and without any damage. Wash them thoroughly, place in hot salted water and cook until tender. Svalivsheesya potatoes remove from heat, drain the boiling water and pour the tubers in cold water for 10 minutes. After this treatment the skin from boiled potatoes is very easy and fast. For the convenience of help yourself sharp vegetable knife. They can also remove the eyes or minor damage to the tubers.