The smell of garlic first deposited on the hands during cleaning and processing. Even the scented soap does not remove it completely, but you can RUB your hands with plain lemon juice and the smell are gone. Another means for removing garlic smell from hands causes some skeptical smirk, but it works, although few can explain on what principle. Take in hand a spoon or fork stainless steel, RUB her fingers under running water, hands after this procedure no longer smell at all.
But the most trouble delivers eaten garlic. And young its tubers do not smell as bad as lain six months or longer. Before you send in any old dish garlic, you're gonna cheat. Cut the garlic clove in half lengthwise and remove the core, the smell of garlic gives it from eating the rest of the flavor will be much weaker.
After eating garlic you can clean your teeth, from the characteristic smell, it will not save. This is because the smell is not coming from the oral cavity or even from the stomach, the sulfur compounds of garlic enter the bloodstream and permeate the whole body. Known cases when garlic breath appeared people who made compresses or enemas with garlic.
But it is essential to neutralize the garlic can milk, so drink before eating and after it a glass of milk, all the smell will not disappear, but will be significantly weaker and much faster erode.
Well, the best way to get rid of the smell of garlic is a rejection of its use. How it is acceptable for you, only you can decide. Our life consists entirely of compromises, and garlic are also among them.