You will need
  • - Photoshop
  • image
Open the photo in Photoshop. Create a horizonline, wireless Internet access guide: "the View" (View) - "New guide" (New guide) and place it about where should be the horizon. It will be your guide.
The same thing can be done a little differently. Go to "View" (View), and click the Rulers (Rulers). Left and above window will appear line. To add the horizonline of wireless Internet access on the image, click on the top ruler and, holding the mouse button pressed, drag it on the intended line of the horizon. When you release the button, the photos will appear a blue line.
Go to the tab "Picture" (Image) and select "Rotate canvas" (Rotate canvas) - "Arbitrary" (Arbitrary). In the opened window specify the value of the angle (number of degrees) of rotation in the Angle field (Angle).
To see the angle value that you want to specify, use "Meter" (Measure tool). Select any blocked object in the photo and left click to mark the beginning of the horizonLEGO plot and hold the end of this phase. Go to "Image" (Image) - "Rotate the canvas" (Rotate canvas) - "Arbitrary" (Arbitrary), there in the "Corner" will be the desired number of degrees.
Choose the direction: clockwise (CW) or (CCW). Click OK. The image will be rotated, the line of the horizon is equalized. To make sure that the line of the horizon is really smooth, position the guide exactly on it and see if they match.
Canvas size is increased, so crop the image to remove the white edges.
Another way. Go to "Filter" (Filter) - Distort (Distort) - "Correction of distortion" (Lens correction). Check the box next to "Show grid" (Show grid), select "Custom", change the angle of the picture.
To correct the line of horizon , you can use only one tool "Crop" (Crop). Once selected, highlight a picture, and in the corners of the selection will see a curved arrow. With their help, the eye, turn the photo and then cut it off.