To expand the image, open it in the program, and then go to the Edit menu and select Rotate Canvas. Select Flip Canvas Horizontal or Flip Canvas Vertical.
Using these commands you for a couple of seconds to rotate a picture horizontally or vertically, depending on what result you want to obtain. This way you will be able to deploy all the layers of the image.
If you want to deploy only a single layer without touching the others – for example, to keep the landscape the way it was, and the object placed on it, to expand in the other direction – use the command Edit>Transform, and here are the topics choose Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical.
Accordingly, you can any object on a separate layer, or all layers of the entire image flipped from right to left, or flip vertically.
To flip only one layer of the whole set of layers of photo or picture, you can use the Layers palette. Directly on the palette click on the layer you want to modify and deploy, and make sure it is not linked to other layers.
Then repeat the above-described action, open the Edit menu, choose Transform and select whether you want to expand the image horizontally (Flip Horizontal) or to flip vertically (Flip Vertical).