You will need
  • - the water filter;
  • tools;
  • tape FUM or tow.
Filter installation for water does not require special skills, just read carefully the instructions. Everything needed comes with the filter.
Drill in the countertop or in the sink hole, install it in the faucet for clean water. This is usually done aside from the standard tap.
Shut off valve cold water to the kitchen, disconnect the flexible hose connecting the faucet with the pipe. Install tee (it is used for connecting PVC pipes with pipes of other materials) on the pipe, seal the thread with special tools (tape FUM, tow). Reconnect the hose to the faucet with cold water. Screw the faucet filter to a tee.
Assemble the filter components. Connect the hoses included in kit: input and output. Pre-remove the transport plugs. The hoses are joined using quick-connect collet clips (usually they are included in the package).
The hose coming from the tee, pass through the nut and tighten until it stops on the fitting of the ball valve feed water. Tightly screw the nut. So you have connected the inlet water to the filter.
Securing the faucet on the sink or countertop, don't forget to put on his top goal. Tighten the mounting nut, winding it on a hollow tube with thread. Into the hose insert the piston. Stressing it, for example in the wall, enter almost to the end, it should be no more than 1.5-2 mm.
Do not heat hose, trying to expand it and facilitate work – so he will deteriorate and you do not get a reliable connection. Then make a connection using a collet to the faucet with clean water.