You will need
  • computer;
  • program MS Access.
Run the program and Access via the menu under "File" click on "Create". Then select "Database" and click OK. A window will appear in which you will need to specify the database name or accept the proposed db1, and you will also need to select the location of the base.
After the database is created, a window appears with the functions for further work. To the left is a column with a list of topics. The item "Table" must be selected by default. The right of the column is a list of options to create database tables: "Create table in design view, Creating table with wizard, Creating table by entering data".
Click on "Create table in design view" to create a new table in the database. On the screen a new window will appear with the mesh in its upper part for entering the parameters of the table: field, field type and description. In the bottom of the window appear the properties of each new field.
Create a table with four fields:
1. Code. The field type is numeric.
2. Name. The field type is text.
3. Name. Field type - text
4. Phone. The field type is text.
Highlight the first field and clicking the right mouse button, select "Key field". Close and save the table under convenient for you, e.g. "Agent". Open the table and enter the information of two agents.
Create another table with three fields:
1. Position. The field type is text.
2. Wages. The field type is money.
Close and save the table under a name such as "Employee". Open the table and enter the data for two employees.
Click on the tab "Queries" and then "Create query in design view". A window will open with the list created in the program tables. Select both the already created table. In the lower part of the query in the first column, select the field "Employee.Last name", and the second column "Organization.Position." Close and save the query to "Post". If you open this query, you will see only two columns "Name" and "Position". Here is displayed only the information of interest, what is the position held by a specific person.
For ease of populating the database click on the tab "Form" and then "Create form by using wizard". In the opened window select the table "Agent", and then from the "Available fields" using the button with the arrow, move to the "Selected field" fields "Surname", "Name", "Phone". Click "Next" and select a convenient format, such as "Ribbon". Click "Next" and select the desired style, for example, "Standard". Click Next and name the form "Agent". Click "Finish". A form will appear with two fields that already have information about the two agents. Below is a blank field into which you can enter information about the third agent, and so on.
In the database window, select "Reports" and click on the "Create report by using wizard". In the opened window select "employee". From the left window to the right move "last Name" and "Position", click "Next" and then click "Finish". The screen will display the form with information from the selected query. The report gives an opportunity to choose the necessary information from the database for better perception. Reports can be printed.
Macros allow you to automate actions on database objects. Click on the tab "Macros" and then click "Create". Open the designer window. From the drop-down list, select the macro "Otkrytiye", and then select the name of the request "employee". Close the window and save the macro. Click twice on the created macro, and open the query "Post".