Advice 1: Country swing: types, installation, precautions

To put a garden (country) swing – one of the easiest ways to make the station more comfortable, more convenient. Varieties of country swing today there are many, they differ in the shape, functionality, quality, material from which is made.
Country swing: types, installation, precautions

The types of country swing

You can buy country swing from plastic, wood or metal. Cost plastic, of course, win over a metal or wooden counterparts, while the quality is generally at a high level, because the frame still made of metal. Of the advantages worth noting the light weight construction and easy maintenance: the plastic swing is easy to clean, they do not rust and do not rot.

Are made of metal, usually of steel, which is covered with a special protective layer that protects the metal from rust. The design of such swings are of relatively light weight, often for weight loss manufacturers use perforations.

Unlike plastic or wooden counterparts, metal swing set is able to withstand shocks and other mechanical effects, they can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled, e.g., for transportation, and the design will not lose its strength. Therefore, such a swing is recommended for garden plots and summer houses. Metal models a lot, one of the most popular swing bed or hammock.
Swing often become Central design element in the garden. They decorate pillows and removable covers, furnish small architectural compositions.

Impressive and nice wooden garden swing. But the cost is quite high, and Moody stuff. Before installing it is desirable to process wooden swing with special solutions that protect against rotting and pests, in the winter they need to clean in a dry, well ventilated area. However, in the period of use of the wooden swing is better protected from direct sunlight, the tree is not cracked, not burned in the sun.

Installation of swing

To determine the material will help on personal preferences and financial capabilities, however, before the swing set is purchased, it is necessary to solve the issue with their installation. Thus, the swing seat with legs is designed to install only on a solid and level surface. Such design is suitable for terrace or veranda, but on the lawn to put them is not recommended, as over time the legs will go in the ground. You can put on a tile or paved area, but don't neglect security measures: secure the leg straps so that when you load the design did not go through the pad.
Please note, if you have kids, the swings should not be placed near pools and ponds, as well as set on a hard surface, give preference to lawn.

If you are going to set the swing stationary, relying on year-round use, dig under the feet of the pit, backfill with gravel, tamp, put the swing. In some cases, be appropriate to screw the legs to swing or arcs toward a sustainable basis. This will give the structure the maximum rigidity and safety. You must be sure that the swing will not turn over.

When choosing swing for year-round use, remember that some fabrics quickly fade in the sun, and the materials from which made the swing itself, can deteriorate under the influence of moisture and loads of snow. Better to remove the swings for the winter, or cover them on time storage special cases that are easier to do on loops and drawstring.

Arc support suggests that design can be put in any place convenient for you. Such swings choose for Playground equipment. Arc have a large footprint, the sharp protrusions devoid of Foundation. Such a swing can be put on sand, and on the ground. The only serious drawback – these designs require a large installation space, in addition, often they are much more massive analogues on legs or runners.

Caring for a garden swing

To extend the use of garden swing you will periodically need to process, regardless of the material from which they are made. How to care for a certain type of swing, as well as a composition for the treatment choose, you can learn from the instruction and from the seller of garden supplies.

Almost all designs (except, perhaps, plastic) do not tolerate moisture, but because of the swing it is desirable to stretch the awning. Two or three times a year will be required to carry out technical inspection and lubricate all hinges, worker nodes. Metal swings can be painted, but only so that the dried paint did not affect the mobility of elements.

If the construction placed on sandy soil, twice a year will have to disassemble the mechanical part with the hub to remove the abrasive sand particles, which can easily make the swing squeak for the entire site. You will need to completely replace the lubricant.

Periodically, you need to wash construction, washable covers, and mattresses. Properly chosen and correctly installing the swing, you can rest assured that your cottage will be comfortable and cozy so as the country swings.

Advice 2 : How to hang a swing

You want to buy for your baby children's swing set and hang them in the apartment, dacha or in the garden? You must not only purchase any model in the sporting goods store or products for children, but also match fixing allowing you to hang the swing securely.
How to hang a swing
In modern shops presents a large number of children's swings, the choice of which is dependent on the weight of your baby, but hang the swing at home or on the street is not as easy as it seems at first. If you decide to install a swing for the baby in the apartment, first choose for them a suitable place, and then pick up the mounts that are not included in the sale.
The best solution would be placement of the swing set for a toddler in door or archways, but for this, firstly have to acquire the reliable hooks or to order a pipe, which subsequently you'll be able to easily hang the swing house at any time and then remove them when your baby is tired to skate. If children's room has a sports corner with a horizontal bar, hang a swing on it, just reliably securing the rope. Otherwise, make the bar yourself using durable steel pipe, able to withstand the weight of your baby.
Second, the pipe of a kind used in the manufacture of furniture, bar not suitable, as they are not designed for the weight of your child, and may crack. Therefore, in the absence of the horizontal bar ready to order it on the metal, showing professionals their project. The horizontal bar can be manufactured as a solid bar, one side of which there is only a screw and the other screw and the semicircle.
Using metal hooks, make them holes on the sides of the door, hammer them into the wall, and then tie a sturdy knot on the rope from the swings. But this type of fastening is not very convenient, so as the hooks can eventually become loose and fall out, and the baby for this fall and get injured. In most of the nursery, if space allows, hook for swing drive not in walls but in the ceiling to keep your child comfortable skating.
To hang the swing in the garden, you can use a bar instead of a thick branch of a tree garden, just tie him to a rope store-bought swings. Creating a garden swing on your own, simply connect the wooden seat with durable nylon cord or strong rope. To do this, use two pieces of rope, making a loop on one end, then the rope with loops cross it over the branch, tying them in a double knot. You will only need to fix the wooden seat on a rope, which previously recommended to drill two holes on each side to put the rope through them.

Advice 3 : How to install a swing in the country

Swing, made with his own hands, can completely transform the look of cottage or garden plot. They can be a place to unwind, a leisurely reading and reflection. While children are perfectly able to turn a swing into a fun ride. Self-made swing requires patience, skill, available materials, tools, and, of course, skilled hands.
How to install a swing in the country
You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • pencil;
  • - a wooden beam;
  • - metal corners;
  • - plywood;
  • - antiseptic;
  • - fasteners (bolts, nuts, screws);
  • - screwdriver;
  • - hacksaw;
  • metal or synthetic rope;
  • - tight material for awning.
Start making swings with the sketch. A hand drawing will allow you to create an image of the future design, to provide all the details and determine the dimensions of the component parts. Indicate on your sketch the sequence of the individual operations to the technological scheme acquired perfection.
Determine the location to place the swing. It is desirable to set the design near the dwelling, in a place protected from wind and scorching rays of the sun. Make sure that around the swing was sufficient free space. Clear the chosen site, level the ground. Assembly easier to produce on the spot where the swing set will be installed.
Pick up the wooden bars of the desired length. The section should be 50x100 mm or even more. When choosing wood, inspect it to cull the workpiece with defects. Deformation of fibers or knots doing a beam for the swings.
Make yourself or order two metal brackets quadrangular cross-section. At the ends provide eyelets or hanging hooks; the bar will be attached to the cable.
Assemble the bearing part of the structure. Start at the bottom of the frame to which attach the vertical bars. Proceed with the installation of the size of the future seat. Optimal length is 150-170 cm and the depth is at least 50 cm Lower frame make wider seats about 40-50 cm, this will allow to achieve sustainability.
Handle bars of the lower frame of the antiseptic composition. This is especially important if you plan to establish the swing outdoors, and not on a concrete or tile base. This protection is to prevent the rapid decay of the wood. It is advisable to put some antiseptic on and all other wooden parts.
Attach to the frame vertical beams-pillars using metal angles and screws. As a result, you will receive two large triangles. To the vertices attach the horizontal beam (the lintel), securely with bolts and nuts.
Make a seat out of two wooden frames, built from bricks of a smaller size. One frame will need for the seat and one for the back. To fasten the framework with screws a sheet of plywood between the back and seat was angle more than 90 degrees. The connection part at a right angle will be uncomfortable for vacationers.
The metal bracket lock on the top rung. Through the holes thread the rope or metal chain. Measure the length of the cable so that sitting on a swing man toes could reach the earth's surface. Now finally attach the seat.
If desired, complete ready swing tent, pulling on a frame of bars of dense tissue and attaching this design to the top of the swing. Now you can test your creation in action and indulge in a well earned rest.
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