The types of country swing

You can buy country swing from plastic, wood or metal. Cost plastic, of course, win over a metal or wooden counterparts, while the quality is generally at a high level, because the frame still made of metal. Of the advantages worth noting the light weight construction and easy maintenance: the plastic swing is easy to clean, they do not rust and do not rot.

Are made of metal, usually of steel, which is covered with a special protective layer that protects the metal from rust. The design of such swings are of relatively light weight, often for weight loss manufacturers use perforations.

Unlike plastic or wooden counterparts, metal swing set is able to withstand shocks and other mechanical effects, they can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled, e.g., for transportation, and the design will not lose its strength. Therefore, such a swing is recommended for garden plots and summer houses. Metal models a lot, one of the most popular swing bed or hammock.
Swing often become Central design element in the garden. They decorate pillows and removable covers, furnish small architectural compositions.

Impressive and nice wooden garden swing. But the cost is quite high, and Moody stuff. Before installing it is desirable to process wooden swing with special solutions that protect against rotting and pests, in the winter they need to clean in a dry, well ventilated area. However, in the period of use of the wooden swing is better protected from direct sunlight, the tree is not cracked, not burned in the sun.

Installation of swing

To determine the material will help on personal preferences and financial capabilities, however, before the swing set is purchased, it is necessary to solve the issue with their installation. Thus, the swing seat with legs is designed to install only on a solid and level surface. Such design is suitable for terrace or veranda, but on the lawn to put them is not recommended, as over time the legs will go in the ground. You can put on a tile or paved area, but don't neglect security measures: secure the leg straps so that when you load the design did not go through the pad.
Please note, if you have kids, the swings should not be placed near pools and ponds, as well as set on a hard surface, give preference to lawn.

If you are going to set the swing stationary, relying on year-round use, dig under the feet of the pit, backfill with gravel, tamp, put the swing. In some cases, be appropriate to screw the legs to swing or arcs toward a sustainable basis. This will give the structure the maximum rigidity and safety. You must be sure that the swing will not turn over.

When choosing swing for year-round use, remember that some fabrics quickly fade in the sun, and the materials from which made the swing itself, can deteriorate under the influence of moisture and loads of snow. Better to remove the swings for the winter, or cover them on time storage special cases that are easier to do on loops and drawstring.

Arc support suggests that design can be put in any place convenient for you. Such swings choose for Playground equipment. Arc have a large footprint, the sharp protrusions devoid of Foundation. Such a swing can be put on sand, and on the ground. The only serious drawback – these designs require a large installation space, in addition, often they are much more massive analogues on legs or runners.

Caring for a garden swing

To extend the use of garden swing you will periodically need to process, regardless of the material from which they are made. How to care for a certain type of swing, as well as a composition for the treatment choose, you can learn from the instruction and from the seller of garden supplies.

Almost all designs (except, perhaps, plastic) do not tolerate moisture, but because of the swing it is desirable to stretch the awning. Two or three times a year will be required to carry out technical inspection and lubricate all hinges, worker nodes. Metal swings can be painted, but only so that the dried paint did not affect the mobility of elements.

If the construction placed on sandy soil, twice a year will have to disassemble the mechanical part with the hub to remove the abrasive sand particles, which can easily make the swing squeak for the entire site. You will need to completely replace the lubricant.

Periodically, you need to wash construction, washable covers, and mattresses. Properly chosen and correctly installing the swing, you can rest assured that your cottage will be comfortable and cozy so as the country swings.