A distinctive feature of modern models of water purifier "Aquaphor" - compactness. The small size is achieved by patent-protected design of the manifold and use a new concept called "block-module".
Earlier in devices for cleaning water was not used interchangeable modules connected to the unit, decorated in a rugged housing made of plastic. Now when module replacement is required not only to replace the filter medium, but also to update the filter housing. This solution ensures that with prolonged use of the device, the bacteria is eliminated.
To the used filter was again ready to work, you do not need to wash the cleaner of accumulated dirt. The old modules can simply be thrown away.
To achieve a higher quality of water purification and increase the resource blocks allows increasing the number of sorbent, which is contained in the filter modules.
Simplifies the use of contemporary filter tap with ceramic couple. Choosing modern model of the filter "Aquaphor", you provide yourself and your loved ones access to water at any time of the day without any extra effort.
Replace the cartridges is very simple. Only need to press the button and turn the module with a single flick of the wrist. To detach the cartridge you now do not require special tools and extra effort. To install the cartridge is also very easy: insert it into the reservoir of the device, and then turn until it clicks.
The basic model of the filter "Aquaphor" provides the sorption purification of water for drinking and cooking (including deep treatment), as well as storage of purified water. When choosing a particular model of water filter, consider how many users you acquire. Very convenient models for large families. If you are accustomed to gather at the dining table in the circle of a big happy family and love tea, such a model you will love.