You will need
  • - refined gasoline
  • - starch
  • - ammonia
  • - Mel
This is hardest if the collar of a coat or jacket is made of fur. To avoid damage to the leather natural fur cannot be washed and even dry-cleaned, but there is an old recipe, which can clear the collar without causing him harm.
Take a well-refined gasoline, ideally the aircraft, but can use gasoline that is intended for refilling lighters. Mix it in a bowl with some starch to a thick slurry. Apply the mixture on the collar, paying special attention to oily areas and slonimska, take the thing into the fresh air, wait a few hours. Gasoline will dissolve grease and evaporates, and the starch will absorb oil and dirt, its remnants will easily vytahnete of pure fur.
Especially quick Shine collarand suede things. Do not apply excessive sansevere regularly clean the collar with a special eraser for suede. If you do not have such, you can replace it with a brush with hard bristles or a fine-grained emery paper. Highly contaminated collar is treated with a solution of ammonia. Simply add 4 tablespoons to a glass of water.
Things from normal smooth skin is considered one of the most easy care, but also they have a collar is the most vulnerable place. Lay a jacket or coat on a flat surface, cover contaminated area with powdered chalk and leave for the day. Mel, as the sponge will absorb fat, you will remain his only flick. To collar less dirty in the future, treat it with special water-repellent remedy, it protects skin from dirt.
Collars on jackets, too, quickly begin to Shine. For as long as possible to keep the product clean, wipe with a well collar cut a potato and wipe it with a dry cloth. For removal of existing dirt you can use a solution of ammonia, acetic acid, or common salt. But before you begin cleaning, it is mandatory to read the label with care recommendations according to the type of fabric, so as not to spoil a thing. If you are not sure that the detergent is suitable, do not use it. Just amperite collar and iron it through a sheet of blotting paper.