You will need
  • - detail;
  • - die;
  • - knob;
  • - engine oil.
The internal thread is cut with a tap, a die. As a rule, often there is a need to cut the external thread. For this you will need a rod, on which you will cut thread, die and tap wrench for her.
Remember that the diameter of the rod shall be equal to the diameter of the future thread. Secure the piece in a vise, preferably vertically. Insert the die into the ratchet and secure it. Now attach the die to the end of the rod, making sure that there are no distortions, it is very important.
Right hand thread is cut by rotating the knob clockwise, left – anticlockwise (for this thread should be relevant and die). The die should rotate smoothly, without jerks. Its working surface be sure to lubricate with engine oil.
For threading formed chip, it is necessary to regularly remove, slightly turning the die in the opposite direction. As a rule, after the die is cut some of the threads, and further work is already underway simply.
If there is no handle for the dies, you can hold her usual gas key. But in this case it is much harder to start the thread without bias, therefore, observe the exact position of the die, avoid bending the key. The slightest imbalance can ruin all the work.
What if the diameter of the workpiece is more than the required thread size? In this case the rod need to be turned on a lathe to the required diameter. If you hold the part in the lathe is not impossible, it is possible to grind it on a conventional electric press, but this work requires great care. Control caliper the diameter of the rod, ensure that it has been strictly cylindrical. The quality of workpieces depends on the reliability of the future thread.
Sometimes, it is the first time to begin proper cutting, carving turns are skewed. In this case, remove the die and knock the already cut area of the thread with a hammer, then repeat the cutting. Since the beginning of the thread usually is not loaded with a work station, it is quite acceptable.