To cope with this problem will help car Navigator. With its help it is easy to navigate and to choose the most optimal route. Great popularity among motorists is the Navigator of company Garmin. It is a universal device, designed for a variety of users with different needs. In this unlocked Navigator included maps of the whole Europe. This Navigator is easy to use with a PDA or laptop computer that allows to increase the area of circumference of the area and quickly find a desired point on the map.
To lay the route in the Navigator, select on the map the departure point, the destination and the selected segment of the path, several intermediate points using geographic coordinates. Additional points will help bring together the entire route. As is often the card crooked and inaccurate, a route on main roads, only in this case you will avoid roads that are on the map, but in real life the long-abandoned.
Set in your Navigator the selected points using geographic coordinates. Specify latitude and longitude. If the Navigator is already loaded catalogue of routes, simply select the desired. Help you choose the right route, and search by title. Enough in the search engine to bring the required search objects and click OK. The obtained results will set the map of the Navigator.
If the Navigator laid a list of addresses, enter the desired address. The search engine will choose the desired object. The device automatically calculates the route for you. The route was more accurate, enter the speed, time (approx), distance. The calculation of the route set is not the shortest distance, and shortest time. During the trip, turn on voice prompts of the Navigator. They will help not to get in the way.
In navigation devices from Garmin work fine even water maps (Garmin BlueChart). You can see all the signs and symbols on the map. This type of navigation can take with you in the sea, but some water it is better not to indulge.