First of all, select the points of departure and destination on the map. Select several intermediate points for the selected segment of the path.
Set in your Navigator the selected points using geographic coordinates. Specify the desired latitude and longitude.
There is also another easier way. Upload to the memory card a list of geographical names of countries and cities. Go to the desired folder and select from there the points of departure and destination.
If you have the Navigator, the downloaded catalogs , the routeov. Go to the desired directory and select the desired route.
Or use search by name. To do this, you run a search Navigator to search, and press OK when the search engine will give the desired results. Install obtained the results on the map of the Navigator.
If you have the Navigator has a list of addresses, enter the address that the search engine will find the desired object. Then begin calculating the route. Navigator will do it automatically.
When calculating the routeand the Navigator is based on the type of vehicle, so type speed, estimated journey time and distance from point to point. Thus, you will get the optimal route is followed.
If Navigator will not find a direct path route on the map for more points that will help to tie all the points on the route. Carefully study the area to easily see, if Navigator will offer a bypass route.