You will need
  • - the exact address
  • - virtual layout of the city
  • program web design
Select the map via the Internet and by scaling and positioning to set up the necessary area. Next, press the "Print Screen". If the modeled region is wider than in the picture, adjust the size.
Create a standard object "Plain". Open the material editor, go to the tab "Maps" (maps) and set the color. In "Maps browser", select "bitmap" and load as a texture file created previously.
Texture to apply to the object created earlier "Plain". Activate the texture mapping.
Right-click the mouse on the "Snaps Toggle" and set the binding. You can set the grid spacing. To do this, use the line marking the required structures and buildings. Select all the traced objects and apply the modifier "Extrude".
Find the point that will provide the best display of all entrances to the facility, and set the camera. If you want to animate the scene, lay a route using the line. In the tab "Motion" (movement) specify the trajectory. Using hard object relations make reference camera to the car. Left to save the file, and to the scheme of travel in the form of video. Create a map of the journey in a unique way and you will get the desired style and any color appropriate for your site, as well as easier navigation for visitors.