Download map Garmin that you want to install it on your portable device to your personal computer. Unlicensed version will be blocked. so before using it should be unlocked.
Find the Internet software GarminUnlockerAlternative. Source download needs to be tested and quite popular among users, to avoid the possibility of infecting your computer with malicious programs. For example, you can use this link:
Unzip the downloaded file to the desktop personal computer. Run the file “unlock map directory.exe” which will get a new directory for the application. Two times window will appear with a command prompt where you press any key. Don't do anything on your PC until the program finishes its work.
Check that on the desktop there are two Map folders UnLocked and Locked Map. Open the second folder, then copy the map you want to unlock. Start a text document MapsetHeader.txt. Find the line that says “Garmin City Navigator NT 2010.30” which is necessary to change the name of your card. Open MapsetName.txt where change the name of the country. For example, instead of "Greece" write "Russia".
Run again the file “unlock map directory.exe”. After this, the folder will appear UnLocked Map unlocked map of Garmin that you want to copy into the main program folder navigation. Run GPS navigation on your portable device and check that the map is perceived and is normally displayed.