You will need
  • - mobile phone support gps function;
  • program Garmin.
Install on your phone Garmin Mobile XT, you can download it at the link to select the version suitable for your phone. Immediately download and the pack files. This program will allow you to use your phone as a gps Navigator.
Connect your phone/smartphone to computer/laptop in the "data Transfer", select on the phone first the program, then additional files. Check and see if the app in the apps menu of the phone. If not, then install it manually on the device. Navigate to the folder on the memory card where previously copy the folder with the application. Run the file GarminMobileXT.sis.
Start the app, select the language and other settings for it. Next, search for maps to download to your phone. The source maps for this application are usually of these types: a file with the extension *.img or in the form of a compressed file in the format *.exe is an archive that contains multiple files. Maps in the Garmin must be placed in the root folder Garmin, and the names should be as follows: Gmapbmap.img – base map; Gmapsupp.img (map 1), Gmapsup2.img (map 2), Gmapprom.img (map 3). In the root folder of the application must attend the first two cards.
Rename card, give them valid names listed in the previous step. Run the Garmin Unlock Generator to get the ability to download maps to the phone designed for the Navigator. At the bottom of the program click Select Map, enter the card code, hit Generate.
Copy the resulting code into a text file, name it set the same as the map extension do *.uni. Copy the maps and additional files in the mobile folder with the software installed Garmin. Start the Garmin, enjoy the navigation.