Office supplies will be a great gift for the man for 50 years. They are a universal gift, so perfect if you have no idea about the preferences and tastes of the celebrant. Office supplies must emphasize the status of the birthday boy, so give preference to solid. As they can be fotobox, pens, coasters and business card.

Practical and expensive gifts 50th birthday

Prefer practical gifts. If you know the celebrant, consider what gift will make him happy and to be useful. For example, if the birthday boy smokes, then you can present him a set of elite cigars, beautiful humidor or the ashtray. For the nature lover and picnic is a perfect gift set of camping utensils consisting of numerous items. Connoisseur of fine wines you can present a mini-bar, business – man paperweight in original form or table phone with light.

If the celebrant close to you, then pay attention to expensive gifts. With their help it will be possible to Express its appreciation, respect and love. As a valuable gift can be a work of art, for example, the picture of the stone, a portrait of the celebrant or intricate composition with Swarovski crystals. The collector will present a book made of leather with gold embossing, a set of coins or antique. Souvenir weapon or tabletop globe is sure to please the celebrant, one of these products will take pride of place in the office of the birthday boy.

Inlaid backgammon or chess choose as a gift to the man who is not indifferent to Board games. If he reads a lot, buy a e-book with numerous features, it will definitely get the birthday boy in delight. An expensive watch is the basis of the image of the 50-year-old man. So they will fall to his liking. If you can't decide on their design you may prefer the classics.

Unique gifts for 50th anniversary

Buy original gift, if you wish to surprise the celebrant. For example, it is possible to order the artist of the cartoon, which will fully reflect all the features of the hero of the occasion. For the beer lover you can give your home a mini-brewery. It will be unexpected and original gift that is sure to delight the birthday boy.

Land on Mars or the moon will be the least unexpected gift. You can pay attention to adventure tours. If you wish to emphasize the merits of the birthday boy, then reward him a medal of honor. Many shops make them to order.