Remember their dreams. What I wanted to do at 17 or 25 years, but never had the means, influential acquaintances or simply "did not have the spirit"? Maybe you dreamed to arrange a feast not a luxury restaurant, a rooftop parent of flats in a residential area? Try to change the concrete tradition of 50-year anniversaries with tamagami, toast and unscripted congratulations.
Try to plan trips to places and countries that have long wanted to get, and didn't pobyvalo. This celebration will bring you much more impressions and pleasure.
If you still prefer the feast, remember their friends. It just so happened that the fiftieth anniversary is celebrated in the company of relatives and colleagues, and childhood friends, schoolmates and classmates left behind. But with them you'll definitely find something to talk heart to heart. Try to arrange things so that the event was not similar to the reunion and was turned into a parade-a contest under the motto "Who held a cooler?". When women have a keen eye the size of the gems in a necklace school friends, and men trying to Park at the gathering place on the prestigious car, even a rental. On this day you should surround only the people you really nice and interesting to talk to. The 50-year anniversary is a great reason just to call your neighbor or the neighbor's party and say, "wanna Come to my birthday, I will be so glad". Friends of childhood and youth you will be able to revive the memory and dreams of his past.
Even if you are not going smoothly in life or, conversely, too routine and stable, remember: everything is still possible! You can still meet the love of my life and career to redraw, and perform many crazy actions, and to visit the most fantastic places on the planet. Everything is in your hands.