If the apartment that you want to renew, is your indivisible property, then you need to sign a deed of gift, and to assure him of a notary (desired). Then submit to the FRS agreement and the following documents:- statement on registration of a transfer of ownership of the apartment;
- the statement of your mother on the registration of ownership of the apartment;
- the originals of your passport;
- your certificate of ownership;
- the cadastral passport of apartment;
- a certificate from the BTI, with an indication of the cost of the room according to the inventory;
- information on the composition was in the apartment persons who are not owners (if any) and notarized consent from their name or the name of their representatives.
After state registration, your mother will have to obtain a certificate of ownership. Please note: according to the new order of inheritance, you don't have to pay any taxes to the state Treasury, as the contract of donation was concluded between close relatives (including if you are adopted). But just in case, gather all the documents that determine the degree of your relationship (especially if you have a mother different names), to submit them to the tax authorities upon request. Eligible to register in this apartment stays with you for life.
If you want to arrange a mortgage under the program "Young family – affordable housing" (or to municipal housing), but you already have a flat (given, for example, a wedding), to sign a deed of gift from mother (or other close relative) to ensure that the mortgage was preferential, does not make sense. First of all, because it will be regarded as a deliberate step in the deterioration of living conditions. So to draw a subsidized mortgage loan (or to public housing) you will be able not earlier than in 5 years.
You can issue and will, in that case, if you are terminally ill. However, for ethical reasons, few mothers and sons/daughters decided on such a step.