Get permission of all owners of the home in its donation or sale and have them notarized.
Update technical documents for housing. Please contact BTI to call the technical officer of this organization who will make the inspection and measurement of housing. Based on these data, BTI will issue a new plan and the extract from the cadastral passport.
Will draw up a contract of donation or sale at the notary on the basis of the collected documents. In this case the notary draws up the statement of transfer and acceptance of appropriate housing forms.
Refer to the contract and act to the center for unified registration of real estate transactions. In the centre after studying the documents you will receive a certificate of ownership, issued in your name.
Read the rules of succession, if necessary, renewal of housing owned by the husband, in case of his death.
Contact the notary's office, with a passport, marriage certificate, death certificate, a certificate from the housing Department indicating all the tenants registered in apartment at the time of death of the husband, proof of home ownership.
Get the notary certificate of inheritance within six months after the death of her husband and place in the center of the registration certificate of ownership.
Assure at the notary's office for renewal of the car the contract of donation or sale. You need to have your passports (and your husband), documents on the car.
Contact the Department of justice for registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with them, having at itself documents on the car and the contract, certified by a notary. Within 30 days after the registration of the transaction you will be given a certificate of ownership.
Rebook car inherited in the same manner as real estate.