Sitting alone at the party, the guests are advised to be simpler by adding "and people will be attracted to you". That's right, the ability to communicate a spoken language to a person of any level of development very useful. This helps to achieve certain goals in their careers and in personal relationships.
You should always be yourself regardless of external circumstances or mood. You one – piece formed personality that should command respect, and simplicity in communication this is not a hindrance.
The most common mistake in conversation with anyone – is the inability to listen. You broadcast without pausing and not allowing another person to insert at least one replica? This will push people away from you. Listen carefully to the interlocutor. Even if you don't say anything, but just podocyte in the right places, a person will remain a pleasant experience.
If you're looking for some advice or tips, never give them just that you got rid. Consider a situation in which hit man, seeing an opportunity to help – help, not finding the answer – honestly, I can't find a way out. The caller will not be offended, but on the contrary, think well of you, because you sincerely wanted to help and listened to him.
Do not put yourself above others, even if you have reached great heights. It is impossible to demonstrate superiority to boast of them, it is pointless to flaunt. Better on the best of their ability, take part in charity events, such acts deserve the respect of others. Just help your friends, relatives, familiar people. Not based on mutual profit, and naively.
Sometimes you can get tired of talking to annoying and unpleasant to talk to, in this case it is better to tell the truth that you no longer wish to maintain communication. It's better than to be a hypocrite and try to avoid humans.
Simplicity is not the appearance of a shirt, the guy in the jacket, it is your internal state of mind. It is only necessary to remove the mask, not to hide their big hearts and big smiles.