You will need
  • - Notepad and pen;
  • books;
  • - fashion magazines;
  • - Bicycle;
  • - sports equipment;
  • movies in a foreign language
Take a Notepad and describe the points that you would like a change. For example, to become a more intelligent person and to lose about five kilograms, to change the image and to learn a foreign language. Wonderful plan for the summer.
After the wages go to the bookstore. There spend two hours carefully reading the abstracts, meticulously selecting a few books. Can before going to check the Internet for the books and record of interest to you authors.
Option for those who want to save, go to a friend's house. They will be happy to introduce you to my favorite authors. Can also read books from the monitor or buy an eBook.
To lose weight summerm much easier. First, the body does not need excess calories to heat. Second, in warmer seasons is much easier to find something to do that will help you to lose weight. Buy a Bicycle to commute to work, on weekends, play beach volleyball, swim. If you're going to go on vacation, choose an active holiday with excursions. More walk in the fresh air. Extra pounds go unnoticed and you'll get pleasure from this pastime.
If you decide to change the image, you can seek the services of a stylist, and can at the same bookstore to buy a few fashion magazines. In the course of a month carefully looking at the pictures with the models, showing how some jeans can be worn with a blouse, top and tunic, and always look different, you can think about your new wardrobe. In addition, the log is printed, which company made a particular outfit. Fancy dress – see the footnote in the journal and go to the store. It is best accompanied by a friend who, to your taste, stylishly dressed.
To learn a foreign language perfectly for the summer is unlikely, but to create an excellent basis for further study – quite. Enroll in accelerated courses, download a few movies without Russian translation, try to communicate with native speakers. In three months you will achieve significant results.