Life can be compared to the oceans – has the same kinds of currents. You can use convenient features, flexible building strategy, but you can always strictly stick to their guns, not noticing that sometimes, if you are tucked chance, you can achieve much more. This does not mean you have to go with the flow. Just everything is simple and difficult journey. No need to complicate things.
Experience the joy of living. After all, everyone has only one life, and it is not necessary to spend all her worries and serious thinking. When a moment passes it's gone for good and if you have not experienced the joy and pleasure out of life now, I never will catch up. Try to live a more enjoyable life.
Be bolder. We all make mistakes. If you want something, then proceed to get it. Even if you don't do it right, this way is much better option where you would just sit and wait for the sea weather, do not approach the prices of a millimeter. Of course, this does not mean you have to desperately rush into any abyss, not taking into account their capabilities, but if there is a situation in which you need to take the risk, and you only stops the fear of failure, then drop it.
Perhaps life seems to you so hard because you really have on her shoulder. The man who follows not his way and tries to be someone he is not tired much more than who does what he is close. Find your way. It does not matter if you last made a wrong choice, because you can try to start all over again. If your age or social status do not allow you to radically change your life, then do it gradually. You do what you have always dreamed of, at least for a while. You will experience happiness from the process, and it will change you. To improve your life it is never too late.
Smile, waking up in the morning, and dream before sleep in the evening. Leave in your life a little room for a happy occasion. Who knows, maybe suddenly you'll turn up some kind of huge success? Do not drop this possibility. It may seem absurd the idea that we need to hope for fortune, but it is much worse when people ignore the happy chance offered to them, because mentally not ready to accept the gift.
If your life is not as smooth as I want, instead revel in the melancholy and sad thoughts, think about how to change it. There should not be confined to dreams. Make real plans start to be implemented. Under the rolling stone gathers no moss. And when your life becomes simpler, easier attitude will come by itself. Do not waste your energy on negative emotions and self-pity.