Usually in the morning we already Wake up sullen and immersed in worry. At that time, as we do the seriousness, a cheerful and positive-minded people with the first rays of the sun will make your day pleasant and happy. Enough to smile in the mirror and sticking tongue, when you brush your teeth. Smile at everyone you encountered passers-by, especially family and friends. A smile can lift your mood, relieve stress and please the people around us.
To stay cheerful, when you don't really want, is hard enough. However, once you root yourself in the habit of being cheerful, you will not want to feel differently. If you are constantly in anguish, serious or frustrated, that feeling becomes familiar and you start to feel comfortable in my depression. Make a good habit to be cheerful no matter what.
When you feel resentment, frustration, or sadness, spend some time in a calm state, trying to cope with their emotions. Don't allow unresolved issues to remain, become a realist and start to solve what ails you. In most cases, people worry unnecessarily. In this situation, be patient, and time itself will put everything in its place. Behold the beauty of the present and start to enjoy it.
Leave your professional problems at work and household chores at home. So you unload your head from unnecessary thoughts.
Develop a healthy sense of humor. Laugh at the anecdotes and jokes, watch comedies and go to concerts comedians, send funny SMS jokes and make friends. There is nothing easier than to raise themselves and others mood for a good joke.