Advice 1: How to be a cheerful person

Our frantic pace of life leads to the fact that even the most hardened person ends up very quickly natural boost of happiness and cheerfulness. We are increasingly immersed in health problems, difficulties at work and in relationships. Sadness and boredom stifled, and happiness slips through our fingers. So how to be really cheerful person and learn to love life?
How to be a cheerful person
Usually in the morning we already Wake up sullen and immersed in worry. At that time, as we do the seriousness, a cheerful and positive-minded people with the first rays of the sun will make your day pleasant and happy. Enough to smile in the mirror and sticking tongue, when you brush your teeth. Smile at everyone you encountered passers-by, especially family and friends. A smile can lift your mood, relieve stress and please the people around us.
To stay cheerful, when you don't really want, is hard enough. However, once you root yourself in the habit of being cheerful, you will not want to feel differently. If you are constantly in anguish, serious or frustrated, that feeling becomes familiar and you start to feel comfortable in my depression. Make a good habit to be cheerful no matter what.
When you feel resentment, frustration, or sadness, spend some time in a calm state, trying to cope with their emotions. Don't allow unresolved issues to remain, become a realist and start to solve what ails you. In most cases, people worry unnecessarily. In this situation, be patient, and time itself will put everything in its place. Behold the beauty of the present and start to enjoy it.
Leave your professional problems at work and household chores at home. So you unload your head from unnecessary thoughts.
Develop a healthy sense of humor. Laugh at the anecdotes and jokes, watch comedies and go to concerts comedians, send funny SMS jokes and make friends. There is nothing easier than to raise themselves and others mood for a good joke.
Cheerful — cheerfully relating to life, joyful, cheerful from the fullness of life experiences.Rejoicing life, who loves her, not knowing sadness. Cheerfulness is the light to which people flock like moths. A sociable person, always surrounded by friends – always cheerful.
Useful advice
If he is experiencing heavenly pleasure from a favorite book or disc as a gift... If the night thinking about my favorite person on Earth sees wonderful dreams about the most important thing in life... If getting up at nights and walks to the window, taking joy in LIFE ITSELF! That is hilarious man!

Advice 2 : How to be always positive

Life is full of different impressions and feelings. Negative emotions make people unhappy, undermine health and paint the world in dark colors, while a positive mood gives well-being, optimism and a desire to "move mountains". To always stay on the positive, you must work on them.
How to be always positive
Look for the positive in everything. The positive aspects can be found in almost any life situation – the main thing not to despond. Ask yourself questions – why have you sent this test is that it can be taken. A good helper in finding the right answer can be a sense of humor. Laugh at trouble, it will vanish without a trace.
Carry the responsibility for their lives. Never blame others of what is happening with you. The opposite – giving a smile and a positive mood, and the people a hundredfold return them to you.
Start the day with something pleasant. Let it be a delicious Breakfast or a good song, and maybe kiss a loved one. A little morning joy can create positive energy for the whole day, even if it is filled with boring cases.
Find a good job. If your business brings you neither moral nor material satisfaction is a signal to search for a new class. The negativity that you experience every day thanks to the unloved work, harms your emotional and physical health.
Move more. Man was created for physical activity. Dancing, Jogging, swimming, fitness – all this promotes the production of endorphins and gives a feeling of happiness. Eat right – lack of certain vitamins and minerals can ruin your health and mood. And, of course, get enough sleep.
Communicate with positive and cheerful people. They will charge you with their energy and will "infect" a good mood. Spend more free time with our families – their love will make you much happier.
Love yourself. No matter how much you have shortcomings and love yourself you will love others. But more importantly – you will be able to love other people.
Learn to relax. From time to time let yourself expensive – Spa treatments, massage, travel, party, etc.
Always remember, life goes on and only you with it!
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